Life Lessons (E-book)

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Title: Life Lessons
Author: Lian Verkerk
Pages: 117
About book: Life Lessons
We are all different and we have different journeys. That’s why we also learn different things. But one thing is for certain, that we can learn from and with each other.
Where one person may have failed, due to your story, someone else might overcome.
Where one person may have lost, due to your lesson the other person might win.

I have a lot of questions, but I feel like no one can answer them.
I’ve learned a lot in life, maybe later I would understand.
My life lesson is to walk humbly and love genuinely till the end.
Everybody says follow your dreams, I guess I have to follow them.

This book contains reflections on topics like love, hurt, hope, faith, pain, and more.
It is written in the words of a 22 year old woman who is known for motivating, inspiring and uplifting others so that they feel valued and loved.
In, Life Lessons, Lian focuses on sharing her lessons, wisdom and thoughts with all. In hope of inspiring those who need a reminder that they are more capable than they think, that they are loved and that everything in life will fall into place.


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